UPDATED: Google Pixel XL 2 Render Envisioned In ‘Very Silver’ Color

UPDATED: Google Pixel XL 2 Render Envisioned In ‘Very Silver’ Color

A Google Pixel XL 2 render envisioned in the ‘Very Silver’ color has surfaced online, and it’s based on the recently leaked design of the upcoming device and follow up to the currently available Pixel XL which Google launched last Fall. It’s important to note that this image shown above is not a leaked press render or an officially leaked image of the final design coming from Google. What it is, is a render design based on the leaked design from July 11th, meant to show what the device would look like in the Very Silver color as opposed to the Quite Black color option of that previous leak.

With that said, the render provides more than a visual representation of the supposed new design in a different color as the image was created to show the phone from the front and the back from a head-on view, so you mostly get a better picture of what the final design could be. You can more clearly see the new rear-facing camera setup and larger sensor along with what looks like a slightly larger LED flash, and you can now see the other sensors that on the current Pixel XL are situated to the right of the camera, though here they have been moved to below the camera instead.

This render also shows a better view of the backside glass portion which takes up less space now. Looking at the phone from the front the only differences really are the near bezel-free display that seems to be a growing trend in smartphone design this year, and the longer earpiece located at the top. For everything else, like the front-facing camera and the ambient light sensors, these are located in basically the same spots and they don’t appear any different visually. Google is suspected to be releasing this new Pixel XL in the Fall and around the same time it unveiled the original Pixel XL, which would put the announcement around the first week of October if Google follows the same time frame as it did in 2016. There is no guarantee that Google is keeping the same set of colors for the new Pixel phones, but it probably wouldn’t bother consumers if it did.

Update – July 12th:

Now included is a render created to show what the new Pixel XL would look like in the Really Blue color.

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