Tips to care your teeth in Urdu

Tips to care your teeth in Urdu

For the prevention of teeth, you should brush twice a day.

Following advices my be useful : –

  • Clean Chewing surfaces, exterior surfaces, interior surfaces thoroughly. –
  • Move your brush in a circular position. (not “scrub”)
  • Exert little pressure on the teeth.
  • Use a good toothpaste.
  • Be careful in the choice of fluoride toothpaste (eg aloe vera toothpaste for sensitive teeth). Fluoride toothpastes protect teeth from decay, and should therefore preffer it. Clean teeth with the help of suitable interdental brushes or dental floss. With these tools it is possible to clean the sites on teeth and gums, whereease normal toothbrush does not reach every where. If you have the used of highly acidic foods or drinks acidified (eg citrus fruits) , you should rinse it with water or a fluoride mouth rinse.


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