There’s Hope That Three Of The ‘Destiny 2’ Beta’s Biggest Problems Will Be Fixed By Launch

There’s Hope That Three Of The ‘Destiny 2’ Beta’s Biggest Problems Will Be Fixed By Launch


The Destiny 2 open beta is in full swing, and everyone is starting to form their first impressions of the game. I’ve been playing since the PS4 early test and have pretty much done all I can do at this point, and I’ve already written pages and pages of my thoughts about the currently available content.

Among the coverage of the Destiny 2 beta, from my coverage to other sites to fan forums, there seem to be some common complaints about changes that have been made to the core of the game. Many of them feel like they favor PvP play over PvE, and some are based around that D2 just feels…off compared to what many are used to in Destiny.

Turns out there’s already word that at least three of these problems will probably be fixed in some capacity by launch.


Problem #1 – Scarce Power Ammo

Destiny 2’s new dual primary loadout system seems here to stay, but one aspect making it un-fun for players is the relative inaccessibility of power ammo in PvE play. That means players barely get to use the new Grenade Launcher, and barely get to use their old secondaries, the Shotgun, Fusion Rifle and Sniper Rifle, which has made for some rather dull missions and strikes.

Solution: Game director Luke Smith has said outright that power ammo drop rates will be increased in the final game, and certain enemies will drop power ammo specifically, making these guns more readily available to use.


Problem #2 – Guardian Damage in PvE

For many players, it feels like their guns are shooting nerf darts at enemies and their grenades are doing far less damage than they used to, which some chalked up to the recommended light in the Strike being higher than it should be. But it turns out the lack of damage is a problem, and something Bungie is changing for the final build.

Solution: A direct quote from Bungie’s Weekly Update: “Other areas where we’ve made significant tuning changes include grenade effectiveness in PvE, Boss vitality, and weapon damage against non-player combatants.”


Problem #3 – Long Cooldowns

One of the most common complaints about the beta is that it seems to take forever for your super, grenade and melee to charge, far longer than what everyone was used to in the original Destiny. With the removal of INT, DISC and STR stats, which were there to lower all three cooldowns, fans have been worried this is permanent.

(Possible) Solution: This is one I’m not entirely sure will fix the problem, and Bungie itself has not commented on the issue yet. The “fix” is that players have started discovering armor pieces that roll with an “increase class skills recharger rate” or an “increase super recharge rate” which is what those modifiers say in the image above. But almost no one has this armor, and those that do I don’t think can unlock that node yet, so it is possible that cooldowns will feel a lot better once we have access to better gear. Still, I wonder that with the removal of all the cooldown stats from D1, if armor perks will be enough to make it feel on point.

These are only three of the beta’s issues, and there are plenty more, like if you dislike the entire concept of duel primaries, or if you hate the Hunter’s class skill. But it is reassuring to know that at least some of the major concerns are already being noted and addressed, and I doubt this is the full list of changes that will be made to this allegedly “months old” beta build, and the final product will play quite a bit differently, especially in PvE.

Hopefully Bungie has more to say on all this soon, but for now, it’s good to hear at least a few of their future fixes.

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