Pedicure at Home

Pedicure at Home

For months, our feet are compressed and neglected. Before putting on our shoes, it takes 45 minutes to process the onions with a pedicure home!

How often?That our feet are beautiful and healthy, we renew our home pedicure every month. Between comprehensive cares, we can maintain our sanding feet in the shower two to three times a week. In addition we make pretty toes, pedicure reduces the risk of infections and odors and removes dry skin hardens and cracks.


1. Soaking

The goal: Clean our feet, dispel fatigue and heat, and soften our skin, cuticles and nails for easy sanding, embossing and size.

The right thing: Before footbath, it removes all traces of polish on the nail surface with a solvent. Then filled a basin of warm water (about 35 ° C) to which you can add sea salt, pebbles sparkling crystals, aromatic essential oil, or if you do nothing else in hand, a mild shampoo. We soaked our feet for five to ten minutes, no more, otherwise the skin will dry, cuticles and nails to swell become porous, warns Helen Jeannotte Officer pedicure foot care.

2. Sanding

The goal: eliminate calluses on the soles of the feet and on the outside of the heels and big toes.

The right thing: Using a pumice stone or file, removing the bumps on the surface of the wet foot, emphasizing edges and calloused areas. It makes long strokes in one direction, steadily and gently to avoid irritating your skin. According to Denise Morin, nursing foot care, the use of sharp instruments (blades, razors and scalpels) should be avoided, because it may seriously injure them. If you are struggling with a problem of horns or horn thick and dense, it is best to hire a certified professional member of the Quebec Order of Podiatrists or the Association of Nurses in foot care in Quebec.

3. The scrub

The goal: Eliminate dead skin cells, stimulate circulation and soften the skin of the feet.

The right thing: On wet skin, apply a cream or gel exfoliator with circular movements, focusing on the newly sanded surfaces for further refinement. Rinsed with clean water, then dry our feet, taking care to wipe between our toes, because this space is conducive to the development of fungal infections or mycoses (fungal), explains Helen Jeannotte.


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