Lips care tips in urdu

Lips care tips in urdu

خوبصورت ہونٹ

Every one is unique and attractive in many ways. Some women have smooth and beautiful lips on their face, silky hair, some light skin, got nice height and so on. Face is part of the body first appeared,and first impression  is the last impression. If you have soft healthy pink lips usually attentive and they lend a fresh invigorating look to your face. The lips are the most sensitive part of our body.

During the hot season, our lips can be exposed to various harmful factors such as UV rays, and over-drying. The damage can lead to flakiness, irritation and even bleeding. Let’s see the summer beauty tips for prevention and softness of  beautiful lips.

Some simple and natural Homemade Lip Care Tips

*. Lips becomes black due to summer heat. Take Saffron Kesar and mix it with cottage cheese. Apply curd on the lips of this day for two or three times a day. Lips get a good color.

*. For a spoonful of butter, add turmeric and add in the night. Change can be seen on regular use.

*. Mixed with almond and coconut oil in equal amounts on dry lips.

*. Take half a cup of rose petals and a paste of it by mixing it with milk. Apply this paste on the lips regularly. Natural ingredients present in it keep your lips always smooth.

*. Wash the mouth with a toothbrush once a week.In this way dead cells itself removed.


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