How to change an iPad battery

How to change an iPad battery

Updated: 05/19/2017 by Computer Hope

Apple iPadThe iPad tablet uses a Lithium Ion (Li-ion) battery, which can last for three or more years with moderate use. If the battery is losing the ability to charge or is not holding a charge for very long, it will likely need to be replaced.

Unfortunately, the battery in an iPad is located inside the tablet and is not easily accessible. Removing it requires the iPad to be opened and the battery carefully removed. As the iPad owner, if you open the iPad to remove the battery yourself, you will void any warranty that remains. You may also accidentally damage the iPad, causing it to not function properly or at all.

To replace the iPad battery, we recommend taking the iPad to an authorized Apple service center, like Best Buy. They will be able to safely replace the battery in the iPad, without voiding any remaining warranty.

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