Hearthstone’s Knights Of The Frozen Throne Expansion Release Date Set For Next Week

Hearthstone’s Knights Of The Frozen Throne Expansion Release Date Set For Next Week

Hearthstone‘s latest expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, is just days away. Blizzard announced today that it launches for all players next Thursday, August 10.

As its title suggests, Knights of the Frozen Throne is themed around Warcraft‘s Lich King and the Frozen Throne. It introduces another 135 cards to the game, including those with the Lifesteal keyword, which heals players for the amount of damage the card deals. Legendary Hero cards are also new; when played, they replace the user’s character with a Death Knight version that sports a new look and ability.

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Another component of Knights of the Frozen Throne is new single-player content, which was absent from the Journey to Un’Goro expansion released earlier this year. Blizzard has altered the way it rolls out single-player Adventures. For this expansion, you’ll get a bunch of stuff for free: there’s a prologue, two wings of three boss fights each, and a final battle against the Lich King. A random Legendary Hero card is awarded upon finishing the prologue, while a free card pack is available for completing everything.

We haven’t yet gotten a look at every new card from the expansion, but more than half of them have now been revealed. You can see a handful of these above or check them all out in our gallery of every Knights of the Frozen Throne card shown off so far. If you’re suitably intrigued, you can pre-purchase 50 Frozen Throne card packs at a discounted rate of $50. This offer is only available once per account.

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